Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

May 31, 2017

We decided to take an overnight trip to Puerto Rico and I have one word for it, magical.

We decided to take an overnight trip somewhere new. We didn't have the kids so we booked a flight and made it a date. I packed a small bag and we booked a hostel. We stayed at the Posada, San Francisco hostel in Old San Juan. I totally recommend this place. It was $10/person, this was the first time I stayed at a hostel and it was so worth it. This is definitely going to be out thing when we travel without the kids. We shared a room with two other people, but they do offer private rooms you could book. One of our roomies was passed out the entire time, and the other was out all night so we didn't even meet him. We arrived at about 1am, checked in and went exploring. The building was built in 1930, and the entrance of the hostel was so beautiful. It was very clean, and we actually started chatting with a solo traveler who was visiting from Chicago. I really love the fact that you get the opportunity to make new friends with people from all parts of the world. We googled to see if there was a bar open and there was this little place called acqua that was open until 5am. We walked down Old San juan, and it was very safe. We were told not to bring our camera because it was dangerous there by friends. I was actually pretty bummed that I listen because it was so safe. Old San Juan have cops patrolling the area all night long. We had a couple of beers and then headed back to the hostel and slept for four hours. The next day we showered (bathrooms were also very clean) and walked down to find a spot to eat. We had the most amazing breakfast at a little restaurant that had the best coffee I have ever had for less than a dollar. We managed to visit El Morro and walked around all of San juan for over six hours. It was seriously so hot that I didn't even end up wearing the dress I had brought, but instead the shorts that I was intending to wear under my dress and a tank top. I found a water pad on our way to El Morro, and got in it because my cocoa butter felt like it was melting off of me, and I wanted to wash it off lol We had lunch at this restaurant, I wish I would have remembered the name of it because I was sad that I was not impressed by it. We had ice cream, beer, and lots of kisses. Puerto Rico was absolutely breath taking and we only got to see a glimpse of it. I can't wait to go back with the kids. Here are some photos from our trip.

Hostel Entrance

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