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September 13, 2017

If you have been following me for a while, you know that we have Disney passes. Here are some common questions that I'm often asked about our Disney tips. 

  • What do you pack for Disney?

I always pack an extra pair of clothes for the kids. We don't really eat at the park unless we are buying ice cream, popcorn or cotton candy. I always pack a lunchbox with yogurt, chocolate milk, protein bars, and water. If its hot out I would suggest a fan/spray. We always take a stroller too, and a sling/ergo for baby wearing. There have been many times where  Leonardo goes down for  nap in it if we have been there all day or he falls asleep on the way out. I have a city select double that I really love. We also just bought a city mini double for traveling that can also be used at the parks. They have a ton you can rent there as well. 

  • When is the best time to visit?
It all depends on what you want to get out of your trip. We really love halloween and christmas time. The decorations are so amazing. I would probably suggest October-February because its not as hot as the summer months. Some people prefer summers because their kids are out of school. They aren't too bad, on some days but others are absolutely brutal. I suggest bringing a lot of water ( you can get a free cup of water with ice when you ask for it at Disney vendors)

  • Which is the best park for littles?
I would have to say Magic Kingdom. They have a ton of rides that your little ones can get on including your infants. It's probably my all time favorite park. Animal kingdom is good too, because of all of the animals you get to see, and different cultures. They have amazing shows to watch, Lion King is a must see. They recently added Avatar (which we haven't had a chance to go see yet) My third favorite is Hollywood studios. They have amazing shows. Frozen is probably hands down my favorite Disney show.

  • What age is the best age to take my kid?

I started taking Leonardo at two years old, and he absolutely loved it. I took Felicity when she was less than six months and she slept a lot of the time. We went last week and she absolutely loved looking at everything on the rides. If you feel your kid is ready or even if you're ready to go, take them. Every child is different, no one knows your child better than you. 

  • How do you manage to go to Disney alone?
I have always done everything alone with Leonardo. Andy used to work demanding hours and was in school full time, and I'm not a home body. I was always out and about with him since he was one month old. Before Leonardo I would do everything alone, movies, dinner, everything. lol I think this is subjective to who you are as a person. I have friends who don't do anything alone, and would never go to a theme park without their spouses. It's really not that bad, before Disney we would go a ton to sea world. We had the water parks as well, and for some reason that seemed a bit more overwhelming for me to go to with Leonardo by myself. I ended up taking Leonardo to Disney when Felicity was about five months old, and it was a mission. LOL I ended up wearing her a lot of the time, so that helped a lot. I felt like super mom after that day. It's really not that bad! I suggest trying it, if you don't like it, well at least you tried!

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