Christmas 2016

December 3, 2017

December, you have arrived again. Christmas is my all time favorite holiday and we usually celebrate with my family in such a special way. We have alternated years since the kids were born spending it with my family one year, and the next in Miami with Andy's family. Last year we spent it here with mine. We have always had our Christmas Eve dinner together. We usually all coordinate our outfits, and then go around the table at dinner giving thanks for the year that we had. Ever since Leonardo was born we end the night decorating ginger bread cookies together and leaving them out for Santa to eat. It is a special and magical evening. We all end up spending the night at my mother's house, and on Christmas morning when Leonardo wakes up we all come down and he sees all the presents that Santa brought him. We have a nice big breakfast together and then open presents. We usually all go back to sleep after playing with toys for a bit because of how early Leonardo usually wakes up. We are actually spending this Christmas here again, and I'm so unbelievably excited for it. There is nothing more beautiful to spend these moments with the people who mean the most to me. Nothing more beautiful than to see how excited Leonardo is for Christmas day that he falls fast asleep the night before. The excitement on his face when he wakes the next morning and his eye lit up as he sees presents under the tree. The excitement of him passing around everyones presents as he anxiously helps them open it with them. The excitement of how much love is in our home. The excitement of knowing that we are coming close to the end of another year in good spirits, health, love but most importantly together.

I can't wait to spend another Christmas with you guys again.
Happy Holidays xo

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